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After two months of closings in Ohio and across the country, almost all retailers saw a decline in sales, and when states reopened, some closed or filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

But there is one exception: dollar stores.

With 16.8% unemployment in Ohio and 14.7% unemployment across the country, many consumers turn to stores and crowds for low prices, daily product deliveries, and smaller fingerprints that reduce the chances of big business. Coronavirus spread.

His image is that they are low-income companies, but there is one on Monroe Street in Sylvania and one in Perrysburg. I know people who have money, are not low-income, and buy everything at a dollar store. They buy paper products right away, said Sam Zyndorf, commercial real estate agent and retail specialist at Signature Associates’ Toledo office.

Some (dollar stores) have grocery stores, others have a lot of paper products, others sell beer and wine, others have household items like light bulbs, etc. For me, they are a kind of hybrid between a grocery store and an entry, “said Zyndorf.

Regardless of what niche they are in, store sales exploded during the pandemic.

On Thursday, Dollar General, with 30 branches on the Toledo metro and 16,500 branches in a total of 46 states, announced that first-quarter sales increased 27.6% to $ 8.4 billion. Sales of the same stores, which only measure those opened on January 1, increased 21.7%.

Dollar General said sales at the same store had increased by 22% through May 26.

Dollar Tree, which also owns the Family Dollar business and is Dollar General’s main competitor, said sales in the same store grew 7% in the first quarter, supported by sales of the Family Dollars business in the same store by 15.5 percent.

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Dollar Tree has 17 stores in the Toledo area and Family Dollar has 18 stores. Together, the two brands have 15,000 stores in 48 states and Canada.

The fact that there are so many now has made it easier for people to try them, and it was clear to people: who cares where they get toilet paper from, provided it is cheap and of good quality. Decent, said Shaker, a commercial real estate agent and retail specialist at the commercial real estate firm Reichle Klein Group.

How Much Convenient DGCustomerFirst Is?

Today is about convenience, and dollar stores are gaining comfort.

The stores began entering the Toledo market in the late 1990s and flourished after a recession in July 1990 when local ATMs discovered they could do so. I needed a few dollars.

In 2003, there were at least $ 50 in stores in the Toledo area, but they operated under different names, e.g. B. Dollar bills, giant dollars, and Daze dollars. Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar General were territories, but the independents were very strong.

Since then there have only been three independent stores and 65 stores are associated with the top three brands.

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