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You need to play your rookies early – this quote was said by Jean Van de Velde who is a famous French Golf Player, and someone known for the dramatic loss at the 1999 Open Championship. 

I will quote the player’s name as Van for the rest of the article.

So, Van had begun playing the professional game in the year 1987, and his first ever Rookie season was played in the year 1989. He is one among the three Frenchmen players who got the chance to play the Ryder Cup, and he said the above quote while recalling his personal experiences.

Ryder Cup

Van de Velde and his thoughts on Planning the Rookies for the Ryder Cup!

It takes a lot of patience in building the skills, and the same goes for the training period.

Van recalling his initial days where he had to sit outside for the first 2 days. Then, he lost the Sunday Singles matches too. It was going all wrong.

Now, Van in his own words as per his interview with the UK Reuters: 

It is important that you take the game in as it is offered to you, and to keep it real on the field. If the situation is crucial, you will feel the pressure and it will be clearly visible on your face. So, let it show!

There should not be any room for a broken kind of game, you should be alert and ready to take the challenges.


Well, there’s a lot of tension and stress inside the players. You have to make sure that all the worries and the tension is taken out on the field as early as possible.


Along with the player’s performance, a lot of the times Ryder Cup results depends on the Coaches as well. It depends on the way pairing is done, and the players are selected for the three-day tournament matters a lot. Once, one of my earlier coaches tired out all the experienced players just a day before the match.

If such incidents occur or the leader itself is not organized in his work – then this will definitely affect the game and results. Don’t ever try to add two rookies in a day, this will make you lose the points on the first day itself!

Excerpts From Van’s Interview. Thanks for reading!

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