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Why Table tennis player Oyebode chose Italy over Nigeria?

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As a player, Michael Olufemi Oyebode did not make the headlines like Atanda Musa, Bose Kaffo, Spark Oshonaike or Biola Odumosu, but like many coaches around the world who did not have the star of this coach who lived in Italy in their seasons made him big on his ping pong table,

As a young player, dominated by Atanda Musa, Domingo Eboh and Yomi Bankole, Oyebode has participated in several championships, including Coscharis table tennis, Coca-Cola table tennis, Omo table tennis, Star Cup and Oluyole. Table tennis, to name a few.

Although he was not great on the local scene, his level of play was enough to attract the interest of foreign clubs, which led him to the tennis table Libertas Syracuse, where he was from 1994 to 1997.

John Oyebode chose Italy over Nigeria

Why did I choose Italy as a table tennis player against Nigeria?

John Oyebode explained that his decision to play for Italy was linked to the many possibilities offered by Italian table tennis.

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“I think playing for Italy is the right choice for me and I have no regrets so far.”

“The system supports players in all fields and offers a space for sports and educational development.

“In addition, there are regular sponsors for training and participation in major international competitions to improve the skills and well-being of players, and many other benefits are too numerous to mention”, said the player aged 15 years.

With sponsorship opportunities and regular training grants and an environment conducive to participation in major international competitions whose skills have improved from Nigeria, paradise is the limit.

Team member Michael Oyebode coaches Nigeria at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He is the full-time coach in Italy. This means that when the international game is on the menu, as in the recent ITTF Open 2017 Seamaster Open Challenge Nigeria, he is the opponent of his son.

Oyebode, 15, is a prominent member of the Italian junior team that competed in the ITTF World Junior Circuit this year. in Lagos he served in the colors of Italy.

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Roger Federer gets confused on his Halle win during one Interview!

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HalleWith an account of 98 ATP titles, among which 20 are directly from the Grand Slam events – we can excuse the legend Roger Federer Tips on skipping out on all of his achievements. We do understand that keeping all the winning news tabs open is difficult. This interview excerpt is from the Express and the points he shared about his upcoming games.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer gets confused on his Halle win during one Interview!

This Swiss legend is now focussing on his next 100th title at the US Open game which is going to be conducted the next coming fortnight.

He was asked about his journey so far, and about his preparation for the game after skipping on the Rogers Title. On this, he mentioned that he wanted to focus on one competition at a time, as he was avoiding getting in too much tennis.

He also said that the preparations were similar to the ones that he had done for the Wimbledon games. He even added that he almost forgot the success he had at the grass court sessions in 2017.

‘Though it was not much tiring. I think an overall game depends mainly on the grass court season, it was a tough one’. That’s how Roger responded to the preparations.

Then he continued saying – ‘This year it was difficult on the grass court, making it tougher than the previous year. Still, I end up winning both the Wimbledon and the Halle, hey did I win Halle? (smiling) yes, I did.’

‘I will be playing a lot of matches with the grass courts, and after that five-setter that I had with the Anderson- there are many points that you need to take care of as you can’t go for just a straight-cut at the Wimbledon.’

‘I don’t want to come hurt at the Opens match. This is why I decided to keep it low this year on purpose. Also, being clear on not playing the game in advance helped me in planning the practice session well.’

He also wished to spend more time with his family instead of traveling and playing all year. In the next game, Federer will take on Kyrgios in the day session! Stay Tuned!