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The regional supermarket chain Wegmans has intense fans eagerly awaiting the opening of the store in DC. at the former Fannie Mae headquarters. There is now a name for development at 3900 Wisconsin Ave. Northwest, where the grocery store calls it home – City Ridge – and a quick open approach: Dec. 1.

Roadside Development, the project manager, calls City Ridge an “urban city” with a total of eight new buildings near Fannie Mae’s original headquarters. In addition to Wegmans, the development will include 652 residential units (including approximately 55 accessible units), 153,000 square meters of commercial space, 62,000 square meters of office space, a hotel with 150 rooms, a meeting room for sports and cultural art in the lawn, according to Richard Lac, founding partner of Roadside Development.

The grass in front of the house has been closed to the neighborhood since 1956, says Lake. We will return it to the fabric on Wisconsin Ave.

Lake said his group had also spoken to local restaurants that “have always wanted to be close to this part of the world but are looking for the right place,” although he declined to name them and said he would. closer to them Identify the time as City Ridge. Open your doors.

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The total budget for the project is $ 650 million, including the $ 90 million needed to purchase the property, Lake says. The colonial building was inspired by the Williamsburg Governor’s Palace when it was built in the late 1950s. When Fannie Mae moved into the four-story building in the 1970s, it was a departmental housing and urban development agency. He said it was what would Versailles be like if the King of France had more money.

Since purchasing the property in November 2016, Roadside Development has partnered with the community to get an idea of ​​what the historic building should look like.

Advisor Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), representing the region to become City Ridge, said: “The direction and willingness of road development to open up ideas and concerns is a model for developers.” how the new project fills a gap.

This part of Wisconsin Avenue is dead, says Cheh. They have Cathedral Commons in the south and shops in Tenleytown in the north, but I wouldn’t say there is a dead zone, but I could use animation and I think it will be.

City Ridge’s name Lake comes from the history of the place as a coat of arms, used as a line for walking animals. Bottom line: It really is a mountain range with a view of the city, he says.

But he says it is not a national landing: Roadside Development is not trying to rename a combination of neighborhoods like McLean Gardens and Tenleytown to City Ridge. We don’t expect to name the neighborhood, said Lake. We just named our part of the neighborhood.

It is also Cheh’s understanding. He adds: “It looks better than Fannie Mae.”

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